Network Interface Card

What is a Network Interface Card?

Hello Guys, Welcome to our blog, Today I’m going to share some Information about NIC which is known as Network Interface Card, In the world of Computer and Technologies most of the peoples are aware from NIC, Network Interface Card…
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What is a Computer

What is a Computer?

The word Computer is very familiar for all of us because we all know about what is a computer and how does computer works, In our Schools and Colleges, there is a specific subject known as “Computer”. But Still, peoples…
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What is a Motherboard

What is a Motherboard? Types of Motherboards

Hello Guys, Today in this article I’m going to tell you about Motherboard, Because we all are using Computers & Laptops for a very long time, but do you know what is Motherboard, and Different types of the motherboard and…
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What is an Input device

What is an Input device? Types of Input Devices

I am using the computer since my childhood, so I have enough information to share with you regarding the computer, But in India still, many peoples don’t know that much about computers, Even some peoples were confused between Input Devices…
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