What is a Computer?

The word Computer is very familiar for all of us because we all know about what is a computer and how does computer works, In our Schools and Colleges, there is a specific subject known as “Computer”. But Still, peoples were messaging me to write a complete detailed article about the Computer So let’s start today’s article.

What is a Computer?

A computer is a machine which can be used to carry out a various sequence of arithmetic or logical operation through computer programming. A computer is a machine that manipulates data programming also known as information. It has the ability to process, retrieve and store data in it. It has many features in it which make it very useful and convenient for the user. It can type documents, email, play games, and do browsing. There are a series of things that a computer can do like you can watch videos, hear songs, do presentations and various other things. It can intake information and process it into an electronic data configuration. With the features, with hardware, the operating system with all this a computer is called a computer system.

What is a Computer

The computer is used in various fields to control the system of factory equipment, industrial robots, and then there are personal computers which are used by individuals to fulfill their personal requirements.

History of Computer

In 1801 in France Joseph Marie invented a loom that can punch wooden cards automatically into weaving granite design. Later 1882 Charles Babbage conceives of a steam-driven calculating machine that can compute tables of numbers. Alan Turing in 1936 presented the notation of universal machine, later known as the Turing machine which was capable of computing anything which was computable. During the period of 1943 to 1944, two universities of Pennsylvania prefer who were John Mauchly and J.preper Eckert built the electronic numerical integrated and calculator. They are considered as the grandfather of the digital computer. It was 20 foot by 40-foot room and had 18000 vacuum tubes.

Top 5 Main Parts of a Computer


It is a main printed circuit board to all the other circuits in the computer are plugged into to create a cohesive whole. It is the part were all the other circuits can interact with each other and can coordinate.

It has a single type of CPU and few types of memories. The motherboard has a fan and a special port which is used for the power supply. On the left side there a number of ports to connect the USB, mouse, printer, speaker, and network cables. It also has a USB port to plug out and plug in a pen drive, USB cable, and camera.


CPU is known as the central processing unit which the main function is to execute an instruction that makes up a computer program. It performs basic atomic, logic controlling, and input and output operation specifically by the instruction to the program. The form of a CPU had changed over thin but the components of ALU that performs arithmetic and logic operation, processor registration that surplus Operandi to the ALU, store the result of the operation. A modern CPU has an integrated chip also known as the IC chip. An IC chip contains memory, peripheral interfaces, and other components.


Ram full form is random access memory. A ram is a temporary storage that is there until there is power and goes off when the power goes. Ram is very fast which makes us easy to do work on computer easy and efficient. Ram in turn help you to access multiple programs at one time with speed and ease. Ram is storage space for your computer, the more you run programs in your computer more ram or memory will you need. Ram allows or helps your computer in doing day to day task, browsing, editing, gaming, and many more things which you do and that need speed and efficiency there ram comes in and helps us do in ease. Helps you to switch between these task at the same time. The many things about ram is more the memory the better experience you get.

When you open a game and start playing but you remember to check your email then here also memory is used to open the game load it and then you switch to your email also uses memory. If you think that memory is only used to save files then mate you might be wrong memory is always active when you are using your computer.

Ram is faster than a hard disk which is like 20 hundred times faster. It is because of ram speed that it is used in processing information and storing it.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is the store of the computer it stores all the data from the computer all your files, photos, videos basically all your digital content. Hard drives are internal as well as external. The data which has been saved can also be retrieved like the ram. They are types of non-volatile storage which means that the data can be stored even if the power is been cut. Hard comes in many different sizes which are basically the amount of data you want to store in your hard drive. There are hard drives with a capacity of TB, GB, and many more.

Power Supply Unit

It converts the main AC to a low voltage DC power for the internal components of the computer to take power from. The modern computer universally use switched-mode power supply and there are also a manual switch for selecting the voltage of the power but all the modern-day computer use the automatically adapt to the main voltage.


In this article, we learned about the computer and how it works. The computer is a very efficient machine which was developed by human and is used in our day to day life. We also learned about the inventors of the computer and the different parts of it which make up the computer system.

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