What is a Motherboard? Types of Motherboards

Hello Guys, Today in this article I’m going to tell you about Motherboard, Because we all are using Computers & Laptops for a very long time, but do you know what is Motherboard, and Different types of the motherboard and their Ports, But if you don’t know then here I’m sharing little bit information about Motherboards.

What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard is a main component of the computer, it is a printed circuit board which is attached to the computer of other expandable systems. This means the function is to make the computer work or operate by allowing the communication between many crucial electronic part of the system. It make the communication possible between central processing unit or CPU, memory, and other peripherals components of the computer. The motherboard contains a very significant subsystem, a central processor and many sources for inputs and outputs, and many more things.

What is a Motherboard

Types of Motherboard

In my childhood, there are limited Motherboards available on market, but Nowadays you will find many types of Motherboards such as Integrated Motherboard & Non-Integrated Motherboards, These motherboards are easily available on any Computer Shops.

Integrated Motherboard

The term integrated have a component which are close to each other or attached to each other. These components make the motherboard save space by making them United. These types of motherboards are used usually in laptop computers. These types of computer space-efficient. These types are found in laptops and make us easy to carry as the laptop itself can be easy carried anywhere. These types of motherboards are not that expensive and one can do basic task to it. The graphics card are non-removable in the integrated motherboard which result not been able to upgrade it.

The motherboard doesn’t consume more power and doesn’t have that efficient cooling system because of which it doesn’t take more energy. This motherboard has a less performance as compared to a non-integrated motherboard as it has less space and are very light. The parts of the motherboard are close and once any component breaks or gets damaged the whole motherboard needs to be changed.

Non-integrated Motherboard

The main difference between an integrated and non-integrated motherboard is the non-integrated motherboard have a bigger motherboard and the expansion card comes with which make it have a lot of space for the components. The non-integrated motherboard can be easily upgraded. The computer can be customized according to one wish. The graphic card which is installed can be replaced. The non-integrated motherboard has more durability as compared to the integrated motherboard.

Functions of the Motherboard

The name mother suggests that this device is the main backbone of the computer on which the part parts of the computer are installed like the CPU, ram, and hard disk. the motherboard has a slot by which many input and output devices can be connected to each other. The motherboard makes the distribution of the power to make the computer work efficiently. It makes the components of the computer interact with each other.

Different Types of Motherboard Ports

Serial Port

There is an asynchronous port on the motherboard which allows the connectivity of the serial devices to the computer and are able the transmitting one bite of data at a time. They are commonly known as IBM compatible. These serial ports help to connect the device like mouse, modem, network, printer, etc.

Parallel Port

The parallel port in the motherboard allows the computer to receive or give data to a peripheral device like a printer. These ports are connected through wires which can 6 meters or 10 meters long.

USB Port

The USB port in the motherboard allows the computer to get connected to USB connectivity allowing devices like Pendrive, single, USB mouse, etc. It makes the output device to give or take the data from the computer.

Power Connectors

These are devices which allow the electric current to pass through the power socket of the computer it can carry AC or a DC current. Theses device comes in many varieties but the main functions remain the same which is power. They are used for the transfer of power to the computer.


It is basically a connectivity device which allows one computer to communicate with other computers for which both the computer must contain one modem by which the modem can either receive or send information. The data which is sent is measured in bits or bps. There are two types the one which is connected through the wire is called the external modem and the one which is inside the computer is called an internal modem. They are used to provide internet.

External Port

These ports are on the motherboard which allows us to connect various devices to the computer like monitor, mouse, printer, speaker, etc.


Motherboard are the main component of the computer which consist of the circuit of the computer and allows them to communicate with each other. This device has various other functions which are been performed by its components.

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