What is an Input device? Types of Input Devices

I am using the computer since my childhood, so I have enough information to share with you regarding the computer, But in India still, many peoples don’t know that much about computers, Even some peoples were confused between Input Devices & Output Devices, In today’s article I’m going to tell u about what is an Input device and types of Input Devices, so let’s start the article.

What is an Input Device?

What is an Input device

Do you know that An input device is called a piece of hardware, In a computer Hardware is used to provide data and control signals. such devices are used to put the information into a computer or to give a command to the computer. The input devices are mainly of these types keyboards, mouse, scanners, cameras, joysticks, and many more things. These types of devices are categorized based on modality of input, the input is discrete and the number of degree of freedom is involved. Input devices are mainly located at a specific spot on the computer CPU or on the computer on the basis of the device which has to be installed or inputted into the computer to give the command.

Types of Input Devices

Nowadays Computer is a part of our life, Through we can do a lot of things, Mostly computers are using in Offices and Schools, Because of Computer we can easily make our Office Presentations, If you don’t know the types of Input Devices then here I am sharing little bit information regarding Input devices.

Types of Input Devices


The keyboard is a human interface device which consist of many letter or keys on it which the computer either been given a command or the letter has to be type on the screen of the computer. These keys on the keyboard when clicked can call upon a specific function of the computer. There are many variations on the types of keyboards found nowadays which are either virtual keys, projected keyboards. In older days the keyboards used springs but nowadays those are been replaced.

Keyboards are connected through USB or Bluetooth. On the other hand, the laptop has a very compact keyboard which doesn’t require a USB to be attached which makes it a lighter and compact the size of the laptop. The mobile use on-screen keyboards which are inbuilt inside the mobile. The keys on the keyboard consist of letters, arrows, enter key, numbers and many other things which makes our work and use on computer efficient.


A mouse is an input device which is been attached into the computer to control the cursor and coordinates. Usually the mouse used to been wired and was been connected to the computer through usb but nowadays the mouse are wireless and can be connected through bluetooth. The mouse usually achieves by detecting movement across the physical surface. The mouse is directly touch or physical touch by the user of the computer and can see a arrow on the computer screen which the person can move at his will on the screen of the computer or laptop.

The mouse is made up of one right button and a left button on each side with a scroll wheel placed between the two. There are many functions that a mouse can do like move the cursor, select, scroll, open a file, drag and drop, hover, performing functions by the use of the buttons on the mouse. On the other hand a laptop uses a touchpad as a mouse and a smartphone uses a touchscreen which acts a mouse is our fingers to do the job.


This device is an input device that reads and scans the image and converts it into a digital file. The scanner is connected to the computer by USB. Capturing info like this reduces the possibility of errors typically experience during a large data entry. Most scanners are flat base devices which means that they have a flat surface which is used to scan images. such a flat surface is very useful for photographs, imagines, and various other documents.

Scanners work with the program which is been installed into the computer which helps to import the data from the scanner right inside the computer. Most scanners use basic scanning software that allows the user to configure, initiate, and import scans. The scanner is also used to edit images which can be printed after edited by the computer in its software.


A joystick is a vertical stick which moves the graphic cursor on the direction the joystick has been moved physical by the person. There is usually a button right at the top of the joystick which is used to select the option pointed by the cursor. This input device has various types of designs which is like a ball ok the top or an other shape. The joystick can be moved into four directions. There is a similarity between a mouse and a joystick. The joystick is mainly used for playing games or cad which is designing.


It is a device which converts analog info into digital information. It can convert a signal from the tv or camera into a series of number that could be stored. It is also called graphic tablets which convert graphics and pictorial data into binary inputs. These are mainly used by artists which do digital art work and has a software on the computer which detects the movement on the digitizer and draws or moves accordingly.


A webcam is a camera which is inputted into the computer so that a camera can work which allows the user to face cam or even meeting. A webcam is us small device which is round in shape and is attached to the computer which is mainly on eth e top of the computer. Once installed there is a program in the computer which allows the webcam to show a tab on the screen on which the person can seen in which direction n the cam is been face. A webcam is very useful is the person wants to a safe to face meeting or want to even click pictures through a computer or to record anything.


In this article, we have learned that there are input device which mainly of many types and can make our work easier for us. These devices are inputted into the computer by either USB through the input socket or via Bluetooth depending upon the device.

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